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A forest fire can be ignited by several factors, including both natural factors and human activities. The Top 3 Cons of Forest Fires Aside from pros, people should also know the negative things that forest fires bring.

If we are able to control the fires, then we have a better chance of experiencing more of the positive effects. Generally caused by lightning or a forest fire, an underground coal fire can continue to smolder for a long time after the ground fire has been extinguished, and thus, it can reignite a forest fire.

Perpetuate Fire-dependent Species Many plants have structural adaptations, specialized tissues, or reproductive features that favor them in a fire-dominated environment. However, in the lower Appalachians of South Carolina, another relatively inexpensive technique is employed.

Everything including wood has a temperature at which it burst into flames, which is called its flash point. Ground fires are usually fueled by subterranean roots, buried organic matter, and dead vegetative parts like leaves, branches, and bark and stems of trees that exist on the soil surface at various stages of decomposition.

Leads to Soil Erosion One of the reasons that may lead soil erosion is the lack of trees that would absorb water and prevent soil from eroding. Control Insects and Disease Brownspot disease is a fungal infection that may seriously weaken and eventually kill longleaf pine seedlings.

The end result is a clearing of the ground floor of the forest while the trees are able to continue standing majestically. The time interval between fires can be as often as every year although a 3- or 4-year cycle is usually adequate after the initial fuel-reduction burn.

Historically, when fires from natural or other causes began, efforts were made to control them as quickly as possible. One reason excessive crown scorch should be avoided is because, under some circumstances, it can add more fuel to the forest floor than the fire consumed. A crown fire can blow embers and tree branches to unburned areas, and thus, spread the fire rapidly.

It generally happens in Summer Season. Some of the other animals just slow down their metabolism and eat food they stored during the summer and fall months. Essay on our problems wonderful world Essay 4 seasons atlanta shooting Academic research paper topics college level. Here are some of the other key points to consider in the pros and cons of forest fires.

A surface fire is usually less intense as compared to a ground fire, and it does not pose major risks to mature trees and their roots.

New grass and shrubs are food sources for a number of animals as well. This is a concern not only because of the added threat to biodiversity and other natural systems, but deforestation—especially by fire—is also a key emitter of carbon dioxide.

Fires in these areas are left to burn in an uncontrolled fashion and this creates air pollution which can affect the local environment and make it difficult to breathe.

The following are some of the most important factors that can cause forest fires, or increase their intensity to the extent that they can wreak havoc on the flora and fauna of the affected area.

Although we fight fires to save trees, the fact is that more insects kill trees every year than forest fires do.

Wild flowers and ferns grow almost everywhere in the spring. Provided that the people who are implementing it know the limitation of the area that should get burned, it can be supported. Though quite infrequent in nature, ground fires can burn slowly for days to months.

Most forest fires burn at low temperature levels when conditions are optimal and this causes minimal damage to the trees of the forest when it occurs.

The thatched cowshed of Mr. Millions of species of plants and animals live in the world's tropical forests. The bark of a tree is like an armored shell against fire, pests, and other things that could damage them.

Pros and Cons of Forest Fires Many people protect the life species in the forest and most of them are really against the idea of having forest fires. Though there are many people who want to stop the wildfires in the forest, they should know that there are particular pros that they should also think about and not the cons alone.

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Problem Area, Facts and Figures. Forest fires are one of nature's unpredictable natural disasters and have caused. A forest fire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in nature. Sometimes, the forest fire is so large that it takes a long time for the fire fighting crews to gain control over the situation.

The fire rose to about twenty metres and it lit up the whole area even though the sky was already dark.

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The firemen desperately sprayed streams of water into the fire to control it. Now and then explosions can be heard as gas cylinders blew up in the intense heat. Junior English essays. Descriptive essay on a house on fire.

Article shared by. Soon I was at the place. Already a large crowd of people had gathered near a big building which was on fire. Flames were rising high. People were running about confused. The cries of children got mixed with the .

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