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Service Provider does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, timeliness, legality, or reliability of the information contained in the Service or that such information and data will be error-free. In some ways Simon Busuttil was correct when he declared that the election had already been lost by the time he was appointed deputy leader.

In some ways, Gonzi was himself the victim of the Nationalist way of governing since ; which was based on the ability to operate a patronage system, which included as many people as possible. Say, your editorial attacked the efficacy of steps taken by the government to curb domestic violence in a particular region, conclude your piece by discussing other viable options.

At least that is what we have to believe. The essential structure of a thesis statement in an editorial remains the same, only the language is more informal and journalistic. Little did Gonzi realise that by buying time, he was simply digging his own political grave.

Initially, this encouraged a positive decisive streak in his government displayed in the reform rent laws, the privatisation of the money-draining dockyard and the decision to stand firm against monopolies in public transport following an unpopular wild cat strike.

If you grab their attention from the very beginning they are more inclined to keep reading. The investment needed in these sectors is so significant that long term planning is needed, not irresponsible electoral promises.

This is dangerous hubris. The facts and evidence must be gone through extensively to find the point of view you want to argue.

Using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning data is extracted and analysed into Minely. The Labour party has moved to a very centrist platform, taking tax cuts as a cornerstone of its policy.

Elections in Malta

An editorial can be about any topic, but is usually written about an issue that deals with our society. The outline also helps you discover any swaying of opinions you may have missed by just diving head first into writing. With a point of view through an editorial piece, issues are given solutions that could be rendered to solve the actual problem at hand.

Revealingly, afterGonzi made a distinction between the message sent by the electorate in MEP elections and general elections, which hints that he failed to grasp the scale of disenchantment in the country. There is a problem in this. Choosing a Topic The topic you choose is the most important part in writing a newspaper editorial.

There will be those who argue that ideology is over and that the parties are simply offering a blue print for managing the country.

The Observer view on ‘free and fair’ elections

With this in mind you must give a strong opinion, if not readers will not be as inclined to see your point of view. As the overflowing rivers, streams and estuaries recede homeowners are deluging insurance agents with pleas for a check large enough to cover clean-up and repairs.

To be truly democratic, elections have to be both free and fair. But in the end Gonzi was paying the cost of living on the borrowed time he acquired thanks to the GonziPn stratagem. He too was forced to resign. Democracy is alive and kicking when ideas and concepts are presented to the electorate.

You are getting the reader to engage in asking him or herself questions on how they stand on the particular issue in our society.

Clearly, at that stage the intention was to use Busuttil as a prop for an embattled leadership of a party, which had already lost the grace of the electorate. Are you accessing my social profile without consent. Your opinion on the topic should be addressed in the introduction to your new editorial.

Burundians voted in a referendum that could keep the president in power until and threatens to prolong a political crisis that has seen more than 1, people killed and hundreds of thousands fleeing to neighboring countries. Still, Gonzi found himself helpless on this front, for the government's energy decisions were conditioned by the shortcomings of the first Gonzi legislature between andwhich failed on two fronts: On March 5th,year-olds were given the right to vote in general elections and can thus vote in the upcoming general election [5] Referendums[ edit ] There are three types of referendums in Malta: The outline helps you, the writer, get your thoughts and opinions in order.

Tips on Writing Newspaper Editorial Format

If this happens you are most likely not going to have readers reading your entire newspaper editorial. With any type of research paper you have to do an outline. The other categories of referendums are regulated by the Referenda Act.

You are getting the reader to engage in asking him or herself questions on how they stand on the particular issue in our society.

This single non-consequential decision which had no bearing on the actual passage of the bill, could have well sealed the vote of thousands of younger and liberal voters.

Malta, the smallest EU member state, includes around % of the total EU population. Maltese voters elect 6 MEPs (5 until ) to the European Parliament, or one every 69, voter - the lowest population-per-seat ratio in the EU, [1] 10 times smaller than the EU average (,) and 20 times smaller than the largest European Parliament constituency.

Elections in Malta: The Single-Transferable-Vote System in Action, - This site is devoted exclusively to information on Maltese elections and to the electoral system which is used in Malta, namely, the single-transferable-vote (STV).

The site contains data, descriptions and analyses as well as links to other relevant sites. Mar 01,  · The editorial board is composed of journalists with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Their primary responsibility is to write The Times’s editorials, which represent the voice of the board, its.

In America, a handful of the super-rich tilt the level playing field, while in Britain the Electoral Commission may be hopelessly out of touch with campaigning technology.

Tips on Writing Newspaper Editorial Format

Editorial opinion and analysis from our newsroom on the nation's and Southland's most talked-about topics. All public opinion polls conducted by MaltaToday as far back as September only six months after Gonzi's victory in the general election, foretold the PN's disastrous result in last week's election.

So did the results of the two electoral appointments of the legislature; the MEP election in June and local elections in March

Editorial writing about election 2013malta
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